Maintaining Your Health

Choosing the Right General Practitioners for Your Family

General practitioners are the essential base for all your medical problems. Whether you want a repeat on your medication or need to book in some blood tests, they will be there for you and ready to assist. They're your gateway for virtually every kind of medical treatment. For these reasons, finding the right practitioner to look after your family's needs is an important process that can have a real impact on your experiences in the healthcare system. Four qualities should be considered when looking for general practitioners: the size of the clinic, any specialist knowledge, their location, and your own needs as a family. 

Clinic Size

Bigger clinics offer a larger range of personnel and specialties. It may also be easier to get an appointment at a larger clinic of general practitioners. However, if you prefer more personalized service and want a clinic that knows your family well, a smaller clinic will be able to best cater to your needs. The playoff between getting a small clinic that really knows your family or opting for a larger clinic with more capabilities is key when considering general practitioners. 

Specialist Knowledge

Depending on your needs as a family and whether any of you have a particular condition that requires regular treatment, choosing general practitioners with specialist knowledge could be a good option. Even if you don't need that kind of specific treatment, it's still worth considering whether the clinic you choose has access to a variety of specialists. When consulting with the clinics you're considering, links to specialists are a good thing to seek more information about. In medical practice, these personal links can help you get to the front of waiting lists.


Location is a key consideration for many families simply due to the convenience of choosing a general practitioners' clinic that is near your home. Whether you're driving a sick child to the clinic or you've come down with the flu yourself, the last thing you want is to have to drive for hours to get medical help. A quick drive to a conveniently located clinic is always preferable.

Your Needs

Many of the considerations above turn on your personal situation as a family. There is no 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to choosing the right doctors for you. Keep in mind any specific requirements you may have, and think about whether you feel the clinic is approachable and friendly. Ultimately, trusting the clinic you choose is the key to having a good relationship with your general practitioners