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Three Advantages to Choosing to Share Care With Your GP During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women, but it can also be nerve-wracking. You want to make sure you and your new baby are getting the best care so that you stay healthy and your baby has the best start in life. You'll be offered several options for your antenatal care during pregnancy. These can include seeing an obstetrician, a team of midwives or your regular

What to expect from your colonoscopy

While colonoscopies are important and even life-saving gastroenterology procedures, just the mention of one can cause alarm. If you're awaiting a colonoscopy you may have heard horror stories about the preparation, the procedure itself or the recovery.  Understanding more about the procedure can help calm these fears, though your gastroenterologist is the best pe

Differentiating Between Stomach Flu and Food Poisoning

When you have an upset tummy, you have probably wondered whether you have acquired a stomach bug or developed food poisoning. Nonetheless, since the symptoms of these two ailments tend to be very similar, not many people would be able to differentiate between the two. Take note that any persistent symptoms should be looked at by a medical professional at your local he

Is Your Hairdressing Job Harming Your Hearing?

Aside from the dangers of sharp scissors and hot hair tools, hairdressing may seem like a fairly low-risk job. However, what many hairdressers don't know is that their position puts them at risk of hearing loss. There are two main hearing hazards in any hair salon: hair dryers and chemicals. Here's how they can hurt your hearing, how you can protect your ears from the

Skin Protection Over Style: 3 Tips for Choosing Your Child's Summer Clothing

When it comes to buying your child's summer clothing, you likely have two factors on your mind: style and staying cool. However, there's more to choosing a summer wardrobe than looks and comfort--you also need to make sure the clothes you choose protect your child's skin. While skin cancer is rare in children, it can happen. More importantly, protecting your child's s